We recognize the need to help our customers meet the challenges and demands of implementing software solutions and can leverage our customer’s investment by recognizing the need and benefit of developing software tools that will increase productivity and maintain the quality of the software solution. SYGNIUS INFOTECH’s expertise and experience in software tool development enables SYGNIUS INFOTECH to adopt the prototyping approach to designing and developing a software solution for conducting services. This approach has proven to be successful in reducing communication confusion, clarifying requirements, and collaborating on user interface design.

Software Services

We believe that our years of tool development expertise enables SYGNIUS INFOTECH to provide quality software services globally. SYGNIUS INFOTECH’s software services include software development, system integration, consulting, and outsourcing projects.

Software Development SYGNIUS INFOTECH’s expertise in various technologies and business domains allows us to consult with each customer and analyze their specific business problem. We will work closely with our customer to provide the necessary services, ranging from requirements generation, spec analysis, design and development, to delivering and deploying a solution that will, not only provide an effective e-business solution, but can also improve our customer’s business operations.

System Integration SYGNIUS INFOTECH is committed to delivering the technologies and services required to design, develop, and deploy software solutions that will help each business, their employees, customers and partners collaborate and succeed in this fast-paced, net-centric environment. Our expertise also includes integrating existing systems with newly developed systems, migrating legacy systems wherever necessary.

Consulting SYGNIUS INFOTECH is very experienced in providing consulting services across many disciplines. Our technical expertise, combined with our proven, disciplined approaches will guide you to achieve your business objectives, implementing solutions that meet today’s requirements yet offer opportunity to incorporate changes and growth. In addition to our technical consulting services, we offer consulting services to assist businesses with establishing off-shore development centers in China.

Outsourcing SYGNIUS INFOTECH has more than 10 years of outsourcing experience in various industries. SYGNIUS INFOTECH’s outsourcing services extends beyond the benefit of effectively managing your resources, provide the required skills and follow a proven management process. We offer a competitive solution that maximizes your business investment and allows your business to focus on what it does best.

Tool Development

Software Tool Development SYGNIUS INFOTECH’s software service experience often demonstrates our ability to identify the need and resulting benefits for using a software tool, particularly whenever the benefit is increased productivity and superior quality. Our toolset includes existing tools, yet SYGNIUS INFOTECH possesses many years of tool development expertise enabling us to design and develop a “custom” tool to meet a customer’s specific needs. Although we can design and develop various kinds of software tools, the key expertise of our tool development has been focused on form-based application development tools.