Application Solution

The Application Solution provides methods for evaluating, selecting, implementing, and deploying commercial off-the-shelf application packages. Considerable growth and maturity of the application package marketplace has prompted many organizations to adopt the policy of “package first, custom development second” in fulfilling business application needs. This product has been designed to help organizations select the right application package, tailor it to fit their needs, and integrate it with the business and technical environment where it will operate. Although the application solution processes are specifically designed for selecting and implementing business application packages, it may be possible to adapt the processes to address other types of packages such as infrastructure packages (e.g., DBMS, development tools, transaction monitors) or productivity packages (e.g., word processors, spreadsheets).

A business reengineering or business analysis project has identified the need for a system and the implementation of an application package is considered a logical and cost-effective solution.An existing application package has become obsolete or unusable, and must be replaced. A gap in automated support of the business has become a critical problem and needs to be plugged quickly.