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Over 100,000 companies worldwide run SAP solutions and take advantage of SAP services. In a diversified IT landscape, getting the most from an SAP-based system requires seamless integration and a smooth deployment into your existing business environment

We’ve built, hosted, and deployed cloud and SOA based infrastructures for a wide range of clients in many industries. Today, companies of all sizes in all industries are handling an ever-increasing number of interactions and transactions

Embedded Systems
High-tech products continue to have significant impact on the socio-economic scenario, in terms of comfort, convenience and productivity improvements.Personal comfort and productivity through smart and efficient devices.

SAS makes sense of information by combining its intelligent search, information access and data integration technologies with intuitive visual analytics so our customers can efficiently predict, prevent and respond to threats in real time.

Testing Techwings dedicated Testing Services business unit has a comprehensive solution portfolio which assures measurable business outcomes through improved quality processes